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Summer Programs

NASA INSPIRE program with summer opportunities

This program runs for the entire academic year.  Applications can be submitted for the following academic year in May.  If you are a member in a given year, you use the site all during the year, then from March - June you can apply for a summer opportunity (this is the contest part, not everyone is accepted).  Those with incomes that qualify for free lunch will receive a free laptop computer (while supplies last).

Description from their web site:  “The centerpiece of INSPIRE is an Online Learning Community, or OLC, where students can interact with peers, NASA experts, and education specialists. It also provides grade-level educational activities, chats, and a discussion board allowing students and their families to explore the many careers and opportunities at NASA. The OLC also provides parents resources to help them champion their students education and career goals.”

Summer opportunities:
9th grade:  • A one-day VIP tour and workshops at a NASA facility.
10th grade:  • A two-week learning experience on the campus of a participating university.
11th & 12th grade:  • Paid internships working with NASA scientists and engineers.

For additional info go here:

Ocean for Life program

This is a summer field study at a national marine sanctuary.for which high school students may apply.  If accepted, all expenses are paid.  Applications are done online, and the deadline is early March.  Here is the link:

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