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Random Fun and Interesting Stuff

Fun flash mobs:

This guy amazingly makes his voice an "instrument".

The scale of things

This site allows you to zoom in and out to see the size of the smallest to the largest. It's interactive, so you can click on any image to learn more about it.

2 Liter pop bottle = 50 watt light bulb
Here is an idea that is spreading through poor villages and giving them solar lighting. So simple!! Great idea for your kids’ next tree house too.

Test your selective attention here:

This is in the interesting category -- barefoot poor women learning to be
solar engineers....inspiring too.

Here is a dog anyone would want!

Here is a 5 minute talk by an 11 year old homeschooled boy that is just amazing...good speaker...good info...and in front of a huge audience of VIPs.

Here is a guy with amazing juggling and basketball tricks. Those shots from
the balcony at the end are especially jaw dropping.

Talk about camouflage skills!!
If you can get on Facebook, check this out:

They are really taking the idea of “going green” seriously.
One about living in a smaller house here:

It’s called parcour, or free running.                                                                                         Your kids will love this video from a new free running academy in California (reminds me of a Gymnics show at Andrews University): 
Now a guy who does some free running and displays lots of other physical talents the kids will enjoy watching:

Some 4 year old guitarists you won't believe

World's Greatest Card Stacker
Another Sample of his work (click on watch video when you get there)

We wouldn't call these "forms of life", but we would call them fascinating, enchanting, contraptions that you will enjoy seeing:
Big Dog robot

This week some tests that are actually fun!

Reaction time test at:
Now test your memory:

Watch Chris Bliss, a good juggler who's a great showman and put his routine to music.
Now watch Jason Garfield do it with 5 balls! Although we don't appreciate his attitude, where he is somewhat mocking in this Chris Bliss Diss video, his skill is a wonder to watch he's a great juggler and a mediocre showman.

Especially for those who remember the Candid Camera show
(and a chance to practice a little German):

Another Rube Goldberg machine from Honda:

Learn what “live looping” is here:

Then see it done in a live performance here:

Now grab your smart phone and try it yourself!

Then here are a couple of short homemade ones
Then here’s a massive Rube Goldberg machine done for a music video for the group OK Go.

Dance at Brussels Train Station


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