How can I help?

Here are some ways you can help The Homeschool HUB grow:

Collect Household Items
Our non-profit can participate in several national programs that pay money for common household items we collect and turn in.  Here's how trash can be turned into cash:

Campbell's Labels for Education: We are accepting UPCs from Campbell's brand products.  Campbell's is now offering bonus points:  if we can send in 500 labels by December 31, 2009, they will match it with another 500 points!  Let's save those labels. Turn them in to any board member or at any Hub event!
Here is a link to view all the participating brands:
A great way to save your labels is by downloading the easy to save label sheets.  When you save and attach 19 label UPC's from participating products Campbell's will give you the 20th free!
Download 1 pt.collection sheet here:
Download 5 pt.  collection sheet here:
Download 10 pt.  collection sheet here:

Boxtops for Education: Clip and save.  Turn them in to any board member or at any Hub event!

Used ink cartridges from your printer: When finished with an ink cartridge, place in a plastic bag and turn them in at the next Homeschool HUB event.

Let's face it. It's a staple for every non-profit. It would be nice if we were billionaires but we're not, so fundraising is it. And since there's no getting around it, why not make it as fun and exciting as it can be? There's a slew of ideas out there, from the sublime, to the innovative, and even the outrageous!  Do you have what it takes to be a mover and a shaker in the homeschool fundraising world? Do you know a great way to raise some dough for a worthy cause? Step this way...

The Homeschool HUB needs your financial support.
Your charitable contribution is tax deductible, not to mention very much appreciated! 
Email your pledge to: or go to our Donations page.

Become a Sponsor
Is there a special program that is dear to your heart?  Become a sponsor for that program to ensure its success.  Provide the necessary funds to back what you believe in.  People, as well as businesses, big and small, can make a huge difference within their community.

Volunteer Your Time
Why not give some of your time and talent?  There are many opportunities to pitch in!  We have all kinds of projects going on and planned!  You don't have to be creative and you don't have to commit to long term responsibilities.  Sometimes we just need an extra pair of arms.  Volunteer!

Matching Funds
Matching Funds is a unique way that companies or individuals can help an organization raise money and meet their goals. The organization must earn money itself to prove its dedication to its project, and then dollars are matched by the donor.

Tell us how you'd like to get involved!
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