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The Homeschool HUB board and additional volunteers have been working to put together a paid membership opportunity. Benefits of membership include Travel Club, first chance at events and classes when availability is limited and a homeschool educators ID card which can be used to receive discounts on educational products at Barnes and Noble. 
The cost of membership is only $24/year.  Your membership will also benefit The Homeschool HUB's future activities and resource offers.
Click here to complete a Membership Application online, or click here to download an application that you may mail in with your check. For more membership information click here to download.

Our weekly update by email is THE way to get all the information you need on classes, activities, field trips and volunteer opportunities, to mention just a few.

Not getting the updates?   If you would like to receive the the weekly update in your email, please enter your email address below and click the "Join Now" button. Or email homeschoolhub@yahoo.com and ask to be placed on the list.

Please note: We are committed to offering volunteer and enrichment opportunities so that the homeschool community in and around Michiana may benefit from a rich educational experience. These offerings are not just for members, please check them out! If you have any questions or would like to teach for pay or volunteer in your area of expertise, please contact one of our directors:  269-240-6094 or email hub@hshub.org

We would appreciate it if you would bring your box tops and soup labels to HUB events.

Exchange ideas with other homeschoolers in the Michiana area through our Yahoo Group.
The group is not all that active because we do not throw out topics for discussion or try to make traffic in any way. It's used to make announcements or for questions people may have. For instance, a member recently wanted info on graduation for her son who is entering his senior year. She asked if anyone knew of any "cap & gown" ceremonies for homeschoolers in the area. Immediately someone who had a graduate this past year sent her the info she needed. She commented that it is valuable to have a place where you can get questions answered and we can all share our knowledge and expertise.

Parent Partnership NEWS!
This innovative program is giving homeschoolers the opportunity to take a wide variety of courses which are financially backed by the school system (Michigan).   It combines the best of homeschooling choice and opportunities in technology and other subjects. Currently, these classes are funded through Berrien Springs and Niles Public School Systems.  Please see the Partnership page for more detail and information.

Meet and Play at the Homeschool Hangout in South Bend:  Weekly events are posted at www.homeschoolhangout.blogspot.com with directions and contact information.  We have themes, board games, open gym, and casual fellowship. Come to the Homeschool Hangout at Clay Church Firehouse campus.  1-3 p.m. On the first and third Tuesdays of the month. In case of changes please check the website above for times/days and the latest news. The Hangout is not open in the summer, but you may join the group at anytime to catch random activities and notifications of events.

Check out the Support Groups link to find out where you can meet other homeschooling families for fun, activities or support.

If you have an idea for an activity and are willing to be the contact person, take advantage of the Weekly Update and gather a group or find those with common interests.  There is a great spirit of cooperation between our local groups, thanks to those leading.  This paves the way for you and your family to find more people who share your interests and study methods.

What's Up? Check the HSHub Calendar  for events.

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