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College Checklist

A senior "to do" list for the fall:

1. Make sure that you have all the information necessary to apply to colleges of your choice.

2. You are going to need letters of recommendation. Start identifying people who can speak highly of you.

3. Surf the web for scholarships and financial aid information.

4. Visit any schools that you did not visit during the summer.

5. Update your calendar with all application and financial aid deadlines.

6. Make sure that all transcripts and test scores have been sent to colleges you have selected.

7. Prepare applications and have family and/or friends look them over.

8. If you have selected a college already, submit early decision/early action applications.

9. Find out if your selected colleges have financial aid orientation and check with them to see if they have any scholarships that you may want to apply for.

10. Take appropriate tests: MEAP, SAT, ACT, etc.

Free Application for Federal Student Aid. This must be filled out and submitted ASAP after Jan. 1 of the senior year. This can be done online and updated later.

SAT/ACT or MEAP test prep
Michigan Virtual High School offers free test preparation online for these 3 tests.  Go to

Michigan  American Legion Girls' State
Where can a teenage girl go to spend a week, make 400 new friends, learn about our government and maybe even come home as a Governor?  Girls State is the answer! Where can you learn the political process by simulated hands-on experience?  That would be Girls State!  What? You've never heard of Girls State?  Check this out! State/Girls State.htm

United States Military Academy West Point
The United States Military Academy conducts the Summer Leaders Seminar (SLS) for academically gifted high school juniors going into their senior year. The SLS is a week long program of academic workshops, military training, physical fitness training and intramural athletics.

NCAA Clearinghouse
If you are planning to enroll in college as a freshman and you wish to participate in Division I or Division II athletics, you must be certified by the NCAA Clearinghouse.   It is your responsibility to make sure the Clearinghouse has the documents it needs to certify you.   These documents are: Your high school transcript, your ACT or SAT scores and a signed student release form.   You may apply online at

Have you taken your ACT or SAT test?
Seniors need to take these tests immediately if they plan on going to college.   Registration information is available online at for the SAT and for the ACT.  

Andrews University Center for Reading, Learning, and Assessment
Andrews University offers academic testing to help identify reading challenges, one-on-one tutoring, and many other services.   For more information click here or call 269-471-3480.

Davenport University Online
Test drive Davenport University online. If you are interested in learning more about our online class environment, you are invited to take a demonstration of Blackboard, the classroom program they use.  Blackboard is used by 2,000 institutions, with 12 million active users world wide.  Blackboard offers communication tools such as chat rooms, threaded discussion boards, and online grade books so students can continually monitor how they are doing in their courses.  For a free demonstration, go to

Lake Michigan College--A New Wave of Thinking
Invest in yourself.  Visit: or call 1-800-252-1562 ext. 2990

Southwestern Michigan College
The mission of Southwestern Michigan College is to be the college of first choice for students who have a choice, the college that provides the programs and services to meet the needs of students with limited choices, and the college that serves our community.  Visit: .

Bear's Guide to Distance Learning.
Find out where your child can take college courses from home. Many home schooled students are now home schooling college! link

Oral Robert University
offers a home school college program that you shouldn't pass up! Your high schooler can take fully accredited and transferable college courses at home for a terrific price while finishing high school. Classes are offered in Art, Biology, English, American History, Humanities, and Math. ORU also has a scholarship program especially for eligible home schooled students and ACT testing is available at the University once a month. Contact 495-6621 for more information or click here.

College Study Abroad
Take a semester and go overseas to one of our many college study abroad program located in different cities in Europe.

Online Help

Michigan Competitive Scholarship
Provides scholarship assistance for Michigan students attending eligible post secondary institutions.   Must achieve qualifying score on ACT and must demonstrate need for financial aid on the FAFSA.   You may also find other scholarship information at the site.   Visit or call 1-888-4-GRANTS.

Michigan Merit Award
This is a merit-based scholarship awarded to students who perform well on the MEAP tests.   This scholarship can be used for in-state or out-of-state colleges.   For more information, visit or call 1-888-95-MERIT.

Best College Picks
Visit to see which college or university will fit best with your career plans.

Peterson's Undergraduate Channel provides information and tools that will help you prepare, search, and pay for college.

College Net
Visit for information about a variety of different colleges, scholarships, and financial aid.

Financial Aid
Visit for comprehensive and current information on athletic scholarships, and much more.

Visit to conduct a free, fast scholarship search.   Includes specific Michigan scholarship listings.

Scholarships for Michigan State Residents
Visit for information about scholarships in the state of Michigan.

Wired Scholar
Not sure what college offers your major?   Go to to find out!

Any College.Net is a FREE college search engine for prospective students.   You can get information about colleges and search for a college that will be right for you.

Weekly Scholarship Alerts will email you information about different scholarships each week.   Just go to their website to sign up for this service.
Created by Katie Brunson, is an online resource guide for prospective students across the country who are interested in getting their Associates Degree. This site provides extensive information about obtaining an Associates Degree and gives students a chance to browse a nation-wide campus listing.

US Dept. of Ed Aid Programs

HOPE  and Lifetime Learning Tax Credit

National Assn. of Student Financial Aid Administrators 

Guide to Financing a College Education

American Colleges and Universities

College Board Online


FastWeb  Scholarship Search

Student Loan info

Tuition Tax Credits and Deductions  (publication 970)

College Programs and Degree Info

Scholarship Help 
The thought of getting scholarships can be confusing and this site helps to understand what to do to avoid scholarship scams.

MatchCollege - College Search and Degree Information

Online Education -


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